Years ago, I used to work in Groene Kadeweg, the same street where our own Dierenthuis is based now. I noticed something being built near the forest… and one day I found out what it was: a shelter! But not a normal shelter… The concept was fantastically inspiring: a place for animals that do not fit in society anymore (Exactly like me :o)). Animals with health problems and behavior issues; abused, mistreated, handicapped. In Dierenthuis, there are no cages and they all can run free, in a big property!

For me, as a portuguese, this is like a dream; back in my country I used to work in shelters and rescue animals and things were pretty horrible.

I am here since January 2016. Currently I am more connected to the senior dogs and I really love spending the days with them! They may be old guys but they love to play and they sure know how to make me laugh everyday! And the things I learn from them, you have no idea!

Our days are full! There is a lot to do, but I have around 25 helpers in my room, so things get easier! 25 doggies who make me company while I am cleaning, organizing the rooms or gardening. Together we go for long walks around the big field, they swim in the lake, we play with the balls; later we go to their luxurious rooms with private garden where they can relax or do whatever they want :o) until dinner time, a highly appreciated moment of the day!
It is very nice to see them all eating together! And there is always an extra bowl of food for the ones who need that special treatment.
Of course, medical care is also provided at all times, as well as daily medication for the ones in need.

With hundreds of cats and dogs, horses and chickens and two pigs, as well as our dear human residents – Alice, Julia and Steven (thank you for being so patient with me!), and my colleagues volunteers, Dierenthuis is a special and unique place. The most beautiful place.
And I am proud to say I am part of the permanent team of volunteers of this house.

Ik ben hier gelukkig!

Ik ben thuis! ❤





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